YEOU CHERNG was established by Mr. Shun Shin Hung (President) in 1980, specialized in plastic injection molding. For the past three decades, YEOU CHERNG has been committed to R&D, innovation, service and perfection. YEOU CHERNG strives to produce high-quality products to meet market needs.

During the start-up stage, YEOU CHERNG produced various items, including umbrella handles, attache case handles, and dual color injection at comb and scissors handles.

YEOU CHERNG nowadays focuses on three major product categories of below:

From 1995, YEOU CHERNG diversified to develop luggage trolley handles, wheel axles applicable for variety of leather bags, tool kits, amplifiers and medical kits. After continuous research and development, testing, improvement and innovation, YEOU CHERNG succeeded, on a global scale, to improve product quality, style and performance and product marketing and continues to attract high levels of customer satisfaction.


Through vast investment in high-end machinery, the upgrade of automatic equipments, and modern production system, the solid production capacity are able to fulfill various demands by offering high-quality products. The OEM project execution process delivers high quality, from the product development stage, to mould design, product manufacturing, packaging until delivery.

3. Gardening/ horticulture products
Horticulture is also another important business unit of YEOU CHERNG. The company developed Roman Pillar patterned and the Butterfly Lily patterned flower pot in 2010. YEOU CHERNG continues to focus on practical and aesthetic items. Following the acquisition of the horticulture brand "Aiermei®" in 2015, YEOU CHERNG intends to continue to specialise in more varieties of agricultural and horticultural supplies and products in order to meet current market trends.

YEOU CHERNG strives for business sustainability and prides itself upon thinking globally and acting locally in Taiwan.